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Elizabeth Nussey is currently developing a series of equine therapy aids in conjunction with EAGALA therapist, Dr Anja Kriegeskotten. She explains:

Equine therapy is a form of therapy which is not heavily based on talking. It demonstrates, rather than tells and, as we know, actions are often more powerful than words. Depending on the kind of person you are, being in the company of horses can be very calming. Horses have a way of mirroring what is around them, and in order for them to feel comfortable, you almost feel obligated to become calm yourself.

Traditional aids used by therapists working with children and young adults can include flash cards and posters showing human emotions. The Emotion Horses therapy aids are unique in that they use horse characters instead of human faces. Children are often more responsive to an animal than a person, as witnessed by the success of various forms of animal assisted therapy.

Emotion Horses therapy aids are suitable for use in equine therapy, as well as conventional therapy and family situations. A poster and a set of flash cards are available: see below for details:

Emotion Horses Poster

The "Emotion Horses" poster below is now available in a laminated A3 (297mm X 420mm) sized format; $30.00 including packing & postage within Australia.



Emotion Horses Poster Preview
Emotion Horses Poster (A3, colour, laminated)


Emotion Horses Flashcards

Each set contains 26 beautiful full-colour 148mm X 105mm sized flashcards; $35.00 including packing & postage within Australia.


26 Colour Emotion Horse Flashcards
26 Emotion Horses Flashcards

Combined Poster and Flashcard Set

One poster and one set of flashcards; $60.00 including packing & postage within Australia.